Create School Spirit with New Apparel!

Fall and winter are busy times for high schools around the country, and as the holiday season approaches, teams and clubs will be having games, fundraisers, and all types of activities to support and raise school spirit. If you’re a school administrator, or you’re in charge of a club and you need new promotional apparel for this time of year, then CMI Promotions is here to help. With our options, ranging from…read more

New Custom Beanies for Your Company

Unless your company is located in a warmer part of the country, you’re probably getting ready for some colder weather over the next month or so. This might mean employees not being able to make it work because of snowfall, or your heating costs going up because the temperature is dropping. Whatever the case may be, people will be breaking out the winter coats and hats to make their morning commute a…read more

Custom Bags for Your Company

If your company hosts events on a regular basis, such as charity golf tournaments or after-hours community meetings, then you’re probably well versed in promotional items. You might have shirts or wristbands made for each special event, and you may have small items to hand out at each community meeting, such as keychains or pens. While shirts and pens are great branding tools and give people something to remember your business by,…read more

Options for Your Next Charity Event

If you own a business, you’re hopefully always looking for ways to give back to your community. You might host fundraisers for certain charities, and your employees may volunteer for local non-profits to help feed the homeless or gather clothes and blankets for those in need. Whatever the case may be, it’s important for businesses to be engaged and show that they’re interested in more than their bottom line. If you’re looking…read more

Custom Shirts for Your Sales Staff

As a business owner, you want the “face” of your company to have a positive influence on potential customers. You may have a spokesperson who does commercials for you, or you may have a front office staff that interacts with each person who walks through the door. However, the one department that meets with and communicates with the most people is your sales department. A meeting with one of your salespeople is…read more

Promotional Apparel is the Way to Go!

  Whether you’re starting a brand new business or your company has been going strong for years, you’re always looking for new ways to engage and interact with your customers. You may host open houses on occasion, or you may have had a grand opening, but you want to give customers something they can take with them. Gifts such as custom USB drives and power banks can be good, but people may…read more