Power Your Laptop While On the Road

If you work a lot from the road, or you have employees who travel all over the country for your company, then you know how important it is to have a working laptop. This is especially true during the winter months when you or an employee may get stuck at a destination due to inclement weather. You may have a project you need to finish, but you’re sitting at the airport waiting for your flight, and there aren’t any open outlets near you. With a portable powerbank, you can keep the computer charged and running while you work, and at CMI Promotions, we have a great selection of compact power options from which to choose.

Emails and Video Conferencing

dreamstime_xxl_40189738Two of the most common forms of communication used by businesses are email and video conferencing. You may have salespeople on the road for most of the year, and they send reports and updates via email or an internal communication program. A lot of these messages are time-sensitive, and if they don’t have a charged laptop, they could miss a deadline or fail to send something that needs to be on your desk right away. A powerbank can ensure that they have a power source no matter where they are, so if they’re in the back of a cab in Los Angeles or waiting at LaGuardia in New York, they can write and send their emails.

Many companies will have periodic video conferences with their people on the road, even if it’s just a quick update on what they’ve done that week. Those who are travelling may also contact their customers via video software, which means they need their computer charged and ready to go at all times. They may call in at the end of a long day of meetings, and they may have drained quite a bit of battery by the time they get online. They’ve used their laptop during meetings and while making presentations, and there isn’t always an outlet available to charge the device. A powerbank in their briefcase or laptop bag can be a true lifesaver.

Finding Options for Every Employee

Portable power options aren’t just ideal for employees on the road – they can be a great choice for every employee in your office. Those who work on tablets or need to take laptops home in the evenings to keep working on projects can benefit greatly from a small powerbank. We have a number of sizes and capacities available, and you can customize your mobile power banks with your company name, logo, and more.

If you’re looking for compact power solutions that can help your employees on the road keep their devices charged, or options that every employee in your company can use, CMI is here to help. We can handle any bulk order, and we know that you will love how great the finished products look.

Look through our online powerbank catalog or contact us today to learn more about our product selection. We look forward to helping you!

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