Top 5 Things Your Office Needs

At CMI Promotions, we know that you work hard to keep your business running smoothly. You try to create a fun, yet focused environment, where your employees can thrive. You want your staff to be excited about coming to work every day, and part of the excitement comes from knowing they’ll have what they need when they get to the office. If you’re looking for new office supplies that have your company name and logo on them, then let us help you find the perfect custom promotional products.

While you’re not trying to sell your employees on your brand, having custom-printed items can be a great way to promote team morale. In this post, we’ll look at the top five things every office needs to encourage a positive work environment.

1. Desk and Office Supplies

This is perhaps the most obvious, and maybe most uninteresting, category, but it’s definitely essential when it comes to productivity. Desk and office supplies help people get things done, whether it’s a calculator, a mouse pad, or a sticky note. By printing these items with your business logo, you can reinforce your brand in your employee’s minds and help them feel like they’re part of the company mission.

2. Pens and Notebooks

Pretty much every communication between employees is now done digitally, whether that’s over email or via an internal chat program. However, when meetings are called or staff members have in-person conferences with clients, people will need something to write with and something to write on. A pen and paper can be indispensable when it comes to taking notes or writing down customer feedback. Even if those notes are then written into an email or added to a digital file, it’s important that your employees have the perfect pens and notebooks.

3. USB Drives and Power Banks

Your employees may sit at a computer all day, which means they likely deal with important files on your company network. If they need to take any of those files home, a USB drive can be the way to go. Cloud storage can be an option, but if you’re worried about network security and encryption, then flash drives are a much better option. Employees who work both at home and at the office can take the files they need and work on them wherever they are.

As for power banks, they can be extremely valuable when it comes to employees who travel to visit clients and talk with potential investors. Most of their work, whether it’s emailing or calling, is done through their smartphone or tablet, and having a power source at all times can save them from stress.

4. Breakroom Supplies

Every office needs a well-stocked breakroom, and for employees who bring their lunch each day, they’ll often need plates, cups, and other things they can use. If you’re a company that wants to be eco-friendly and avoid using plastic silverware, paper plates, and disposable cups, then investing in reusable items can be a great option. At CMI, we have several outstanding drinkware options that can be added to your breakroom. You can print up custom company mugs or glasses that people can use, wash, and put back in the cupboard!

5. Toys and Games

You want your company to be a place where people can have fun, even in the midst of working hard. Toys and games can be a great way to create a casual atmosphere where people feel at ease. Setting up a mini basketball hoop in the sales area can let employees have a bit of fun, or staff members can toss around a custom football while they’re on a conference call together. Cow bells can be great for celebrating new sales or milestones, and flying discs can be taken outside and played with during lunch breaks when the weather is nice.

No matter how big or small your business is, there are things that it needs for day-to-day operations, team morale, and overall company progress. If you need or want any of the items that we’ve mentioned above, then please look through our online catalog today and let us know how we can help you. With the right custom promotional products, you can help keep your business moving forward, with a team of employees who loves working for you.

We look forward to helping you!