The Top 10 Things to Put In Your Giveaway Bags

As a business, you’re always trying to reach new customers. You attend trade shows and industry events, and you have open houses where people can come and visit your office or manufacturing headquarters. Whether you’re a business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) company, CMI can help you find the perfect promotional products for your next event.

One of the best things you can do for an event is to have giveaway bags ready for each attendee. What you put in those bags can vary from event to event, but in this post, we’re going to take a look at the top 10 things to put in your custom giveaway bags.

1. Personal Amenities

Most everyone loves getting free stuff, and when it comes to your giveaway bags, things like first aid products, manicure sets, and other personal amenities can be the way to go. These gifts tend to be small, so you can put several items into one bag.

2. Drinkware

People are always taking drinks on the go, and someone who must have their morning coffee will love a new tumbler or insulated bottle. You can add these to your gift bags, or you can choose custom glassware that bears your company name and logo. These glasses can then be used at home by everyone who takes a bag!

3. Tech Accessories

Everyone wants to stay connected at all times, and with charging cords, device cleaners, and other tech accessories, you can be the most popular table at the trade show. You can put in earbuds, travel cases, and everything else someone would need for their phone or tablet.

4. Tools

If your business is geared toward manufacturing and production, or you create a product that another business uses to make their products, then you likely have customers who are interested in tools. Your giveaway bags can have tape measures, small tool kits, flashlights, and more.

5. Custom USB Drives

Custom USB flash drives are a great option for your gift bags because they’re compact and they can provide secure storage for anyone who gets one. You can load your company’s information on each drive, or you can leave them blank for your customers to use in their own home or office.

6. Custom-Printed Apparel

There are a lot of people who get excited when they open a gift bag and find a piece of apparel. Whether it’s a hat, a t-shirt, or a polo, your apparel can be the perfect giveaway. Many people who look for “swag” at a trade show are hunting for the perfect shirt or headwear. Print yours and give it away at every show!

7. Desk and Office Supplies

Chances are that many people who meet at a trade show or industry event work in an office just like you do. Desk and office supplies such as pens, notebooks, and sticky notes can be great giveaways, since you know nearly everyone will use some, if not all, of those items on a daily basis.

8. Snack Kits

People love to snack, and offering snack kits at your table will definitely draw people in. You can have custom bags printed and then fill them with tasty treats, or you can order custom tumblers and other kits that have the snack of your choice already inside. That way, you’re providing people with something to munch on as they walk around the trade show, as well as a cup or tumbler they can use again and again.

9. Outdoor Gear

If you make products that are geared towards the outdoors or a certain time of year, then items such as sunglasses or umbrellas can be the perfect giveaways. While umbrellas might be a bit big for a gift bag, you can find compact options in our online catalog. Sunglasses should fit easily in a bag, and you can add bottle or can koolers to the mix as well.

10. Plushes and Toys

If your business makes things that are intended for children, or perhaps people who have children, then plushes and toys are a great choice for your giveaway bags. You can add small stuffed animals, bubbles, whistles, and many other things that kids will love. Each product will have your logo on it, which can be perfect for spreading the word about your company.

When you’re preparing for a trade show or open house, and you’re wondering what to put in your giveaway bags, let CMI Promotions help you choose the best options. We have an amazing selection of custom promotional products that can be printed with your company name and logo. People will take the gift bags, and your brand will be reinforced in their mind every time they use a certain item or wear their new apparel. Before long, you’ll hopefully have new customers contacting you!