10 Things to Give Away At Your Company Picnic

At CMI Promotions, we know how important it is to have a team of employees that loves coming to work every day. If you’re the owner or the manager, then you want to create an environment where people enjoy what they do. One way to keep morale running high is by having an annual company picnic. Whether you have a spot near the office where you can all gather, or you find a venue somewhere else in town, a company picnic is a great time for your employees to bring their families for a day of outdoor fun.

A great way to show your appreciation for your team is to have gifts for them at the company picnic. You can let them know how much you value the time and effort they put into what they do, and they can get something that they’ll use every day at home or in the office. In this post, we’ll look at 10 things you can give away at your next company picnic!


1. Outdoor Gear

Your picnic is likely taking place during the summer, and that’s when your employees are taking vacations, going to the beach, and simply enjoying the outdoors. Whether they love to golf or sit on their porch during the summer, you can give them gear that they’ll use all the time. Everything from umbrellas and golf towels to beach mats and stadium cushions can make the perfect giveaways.

2. Toys and Games

You might set up games for your company picnic, such as an obstacle course or a three-legged race. You may have game zones for the kids, complete with bouncy houses and inflatable slides. When it comes to toys and games, you can create custom products that have your company name and logo on them for people to take home. From flying discs to basketballs, you can give away the perfect toys for summer fun.

3. Custom Apparel

If you’re printing up custom t-shirts for the company picnic, then we can help you make sure you have one for each attendee. Perhaps you’ve just rebranded your business and you want to give away shirts and hats with your new logo. You can create new custom apparel and put items in every gift bag!

4. Food and Beverage Kits

You’re bringing in the best caterers for your company picnic, and everyone is looking forward to having their favorite foods. When it comes to your giveaway bags, think about adding food and beverage kits to the mix. You can customize personal drinkware options such as mugs and tumblers, and add in snack kits that come in a branded company box. Throw in a can or bottle cooler for people to use at the picnic!

5. Items for Home

You might have a raffle each year at your company picnic for bigger items such as BBQ kits or an auto safety set. These items for the home can be the perfect giveaways, and while you’re raffling off the larger items, you can put smaller gifts into every bag. Small things like tool sets or tire gauges can be ideal, and every employee should be able to find a use for them.

6. Office Items

Your employees spend a majority of their time at the office, and you’ve done everything you can to make work an enjoyable place to be. Custom gifts such as picture frames or mouse pads can be a small token of appreciation that your staff can put on their desk. You can give everyone a business card holder or desk set, and they’ll love using them every single day.

7. Backpacks and Duffel Bags

Perhaps you have a very active employee base that loves to be outdoors, no matter the season. Maybe a majority of them goes to the gym on a regular basis or plays rec league sports throughout the year. If you offer an incentive for people being healthy, then backpacks and duffel bags can be the perfect giveaways. They can take them wherever they go, which means your brand goes everywhere with them!

8. Tech Gifts

Your employees may love the latest gadgets, and everyone likely has a phone that they have with them at all times. Whether you’re a tech-minded business or not, gadget-related gifts can be perfect for your company picnic. Power banks, USB drives, earbuds, headphones, and more will greatly enhance your gift bags. You can throw in selfie sticks, styli, and even custom-branded watches!

9. Pens and Notebooks

While pens and notebooks might not be the fanciest of gifts, they can be ideal for your staff who travel for work. Your company picnic may be the only time when you see your traveling salespeople, and they may have exhausted their pens and filled up their notebooks writing down notes during meetings with customers. Anyone who has to travel will love having pens and notebooks with them, and they can even give them to clients when they’re on the road!

10. Fun Gifts

Perhaps your company has events throughout the year like casino night or an Oscars party. Maybe you’re adding a theme to this year’s picnic, such as a certain sport or a charity of your choice. You can create fun gifts such as wristbands or ornaments that everyone can wear or take home. You can create custom playing card decks that employees can use at the picnic or the next time they get together for poker night.

If you’re planning this year’s company picnic, and you’re wondering what type of gifts to put in your giveaway bags, then let CMI Promotions help you choose the best options. You can print items with your company name and logo, and create gifts that your employees and their families will absolutely love. You can reinforce the idea that you appreciate everything your employees do for your business and help them have a little fun at this year’s picnic.

Look through our online catalog to see what we have to offer. We provide free mockups on all orders, and you can expect a quick turnaround time on anything you select. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to helping make your company picnic a success!