Create School Spirit with New Apparel!

Fall and winter are busy times for high schools around the country, and as the holiday season approaches, teams and clubs will be having games, fundraisers, and all types of activities to support and raise school spirit. If you’re a school administrator, or you’re in charge of a club and you need new promotional apparel for this time of year, then CMI Promotions is here to help. With our options, ranging from hats and t-shirts to duffle bags and sweatshirts, you can find the perfect choices for everyone!

Custom Embroidered Sweatshirts

Depending on where you live, the climate is most likely changing to be a bit colder this time of year. When the temperatures drop, there’s nothing better than putting on a cozy sweatshirt. With our custom embroidery options, you can add your school name, mascot, and more to each sweatshirt, and you can even personalize it with team names or a student’s name on the back of each shirt. We can implement your school colors and fonts so that no matter where you go when you’re wearing your sweatshirt, people will know that you’re showing true school spirit.

Options for Athletes

Athletics are often a big part of school life, and all types of students participate in football, volleyball, cross country, and other sports throughout the year. While the fall sports are winding down this time of year, it doesn’t mean that the students who play those sports don’t want to show their support for the rest of the year. High school athletes need duffle bags, t-shirts, and more, and with our custom options, you can create something unique for the entire team. If the football team won the state championship this year, why not commemorate that accomplishment with new printed caps? The team members, their parents, and other athletics boosters will love having a custom hat or shirt that memorializes the victory.

Perfect for Fundraisers

dreamstime_1805218Schools need to raise money for all types of things, from new books to remodeling the library to opening a new theater building. Fundraisers are a great way to bring in donations, but clubs and groups often need something to raffle off or give away as door prizes. Printed t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats can be great options, and the club can also make custom shirts for the people who are responsible for organizing the fundraiser. If the band is raising money to go on a trip to Disney World, what better way to promote than custom shirts for each section of the band? Parents and teachers may also want shirts, and our team can make sure you get the exact amount that you need.

High school is a busy time for students, and those who participate in sports, the arts, and other activities want to show their school spirit in noticeable ways. Promotional apparel can be a great way to do that, and at CMI, we would love nothing more than to help you find the best options for your school.

Look through our catalog today and let us know if you have any questions!