USB Options for Kids!

Technology is always changing, and it’s often true that the younger generations keep up with those changes better than the older generation. Kids are constantly using computers, tablets, and other devices with USB ports, and they tend to understand how programs work and how to best communicate with their friends over the internet. At CMI Promotions, we have a number of USB drive options that are great for kids, including shaped and wearable products that make it easy for them to take their data with them wherever they go!

Wearable USB Drives

If a child needs a USB drive for school, they may choose a standard option and stick it in their backpack. However, it can be easy to lose a regular USB, but with a wearable option, it’s literally attached to the child! They can put it on their wrist and not worry about it falling off, and when they need to plug it into a device, the shaped plastic makes it easy to use.

Shaped USB Drives

If your son or daughter doesn’t want a wearable USB, but they still need one for passwords, settings, and other important information, a shaped product can be a great choice. We have options that are shaped like guitars, race cars, and other fun things, so if your child has a specific preference, you can find the perfect flash drive.

Pick Favorite Colors and Add a Logo

Every child has their favorite color, and our variations make it easy to find a color that they will like. If you’re a school administrator and you need drives for each grade or classroom, you can pick a different color and style for each one, and there won’t be any confusion or worry about mixing up the drives. You can also put the classroom or your school’s name and logo on each drive!

Protecting Important Information

dreamstime_xxl_5156967USB drives are designed to hold data such as documents, pictures, and more, and their transportability make them a preferred choice for many people. They can also hold important information such as passwords and records, and a child may need this info when they’re at school or the library. Their school may give them specific login information that they have to keep with them on a USB, and our drives feature different reading speeds and encryption protocols, making them a strong choice.

Our drives are compatible with any operating system (OS), but it’s important to keep in mind that once a drive is formatted to an OS (such as Windows or Mac), it may not be compatible with a different OS. The file types that the child puts on the drive may not work on a computer or device with a different OS, so it’s important to go over compatibility and usability with them before they format their drive for the first time.

Countless people use flash drives on a daily basis, and a good majority of them are students who are working on class assignments, logging in to a secure school server, or saving their settings for a certain program. At CMI, we can help you find the best options.

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