Save Your Settings on a Custom USB

USB flash drives can be used for a number of purposes, and their versatility and portability make them a great choice for companies that have employees who work on projects at home as well as at the office. When these employees leave their work computers and need to finish a project on their home laptop, they need access to important files and settings. At CMI Promotions, we can provide the custom USB sticks that will make it easy for your employees to take home what they need, complete their work, and bring everything back the next day!

Personalized Workflow

dreamstime_xxl_82344047Every employee has a unique workflow, and part of the workflow comes from setting up their computer and its operating system the way they prefer. They may have different browser settings than the person sitting next to them, and all of those settings can be loaded onto a flash drive for easy portability. They may have bookmarks of pages on their browser that they need to access quickly, or they might store sensitive information such as usernames and passwords on a USB drive so that they can access the company’s network from wherever they are. Our products can be encrypted so that this information stays secure, should someone attempt to access it without authorization.

Different Operating Systems

There are several operating systems (OS) out there, and depending on what type of company you are, you may prefer one over the other. Windows and Macintosh are of course the two most well-known OS out there, but many companies use Linux to build and execute their internal programs. If you need to work on one operating system and then move to a computer that doesn’t have that OS, you can take your preferred OS with you on a USB drive. This makes installing the drivers and programs you need much faster and easier, meaning that workflow isn’t severely interrupted.

Customizable Options

With our fully customizable options, you can create drives for every department or branch within your company. If you need new USB sticks for your IT department so that they can troubleshoot and repair any workstation with ease, you can add your company logo and “IT Dept” on each USB so that you and your tech staff know that those drives are to be used only for certain programs. If your sales staff needs certain files and documents with them at all times, you can customize those drives with “Sales” on each one, denoting what they are to be used for. This is a much better option than writing on or trying to remember which drive is for what purpose. You can also color code them to help your employees remember!

If your office needs new custom USB drives in bulk, look through our catalog today. We can provide a quick turnaround time on your order, and we know that you’ll be satisfied with the finished product. We have plastic, metal, wood, and many other options from which to choose.

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