5 Reasons You Need New USB Drives

At CMI Promotions, we love helping our customers find the perfect products, whether that’s new apparel for their sales team or USB drives for their employees. When it comes to custom flash drives, there are likely many reasons you may need them. You might need to store important files, or you may want to give them away to new customers when they sign up for a service or buy a new product.

USB drives can be a versatile way to store files, protect data, and keep your business secure. In this post, we’ll take a look at five reasons why you may need new flash drives.

1. You Need More Storage Space

When USB sticks first appeared in the marketplace, they held approximately eight megabytes (MB) of data. That was quite a bit of storage space 20 years ago, but 8MB doesn’t really cut it now. As the years passed, you likely upgraded to 128MB or 256MB drives, but those were also quickly filled with files and data.

At CMI, we offer USB drives in several different capacities, ranging from 64MB to 32GB. If you have large files that you need to store or transfer between computers, then you’ll need flash memory that can keep up. If your business is struggling with USB storage space, then upgrade today by looking through our online catalog.

2. You’ve Rebranded Your Business

Your business’ brand is what people know you by, and it includes everything from your logo to the products or services that you provide. If you’ve recently rebranded your company, coming up with a new logo and a new look for your products and services, then peripherals such as USB drives should be updated as well.

If you’re giving flash drives to clients and/or employees, then you’ll want to be sure they’re in line with your new branding. Even if it’s just the new company logo, a fresh look for your USB sticks can make a big difference when it comes to reinforcing your new brand.

3. You Have New Customers

Every business wants new customers, even if they’ve been around for decades. New customers means new money coming in, and that’s always good for business. If you’re looking for small gifts to give to new customers, then why not go with personalized flash drives? Even if it only has your company logo on it, the USB drive can remind new customers of your business and why they chose you in the first place.

You can also preload important information onto your memory drives, and customers can download and view this info when they get home. There might be a mission statement or data that you want the customer to see, and they can take the drive home and view everything at their convenience. If the drive is rewritable, then they can use it for their own files in the future!

4. You Have Work-From-Home Employees

You might be a start-up enterprise that has freelancers and telecommuting employees around the world. You rely on these talented individuals to make your business successful, but you don’t have the resources with which to pay them.

If you need to send files to these work-from-home employees, then a USB drive can be the way to go. Big files can be difficult to email, and you may be concerned about data security. Mailing a flash drive might also worry you a bit, but with the right encryption, no one but the intended recipient will be able to access the files.

5. You Need New Trade Show Giveaways

If your business has been growing steadily over the past few years, then you might be looking to generate more interest by attending trade shows and industry events. If you have a booth or table at an upcoming show, then you’re going to need giveaways for those attendees who stop by to talk to you.

USB products can make for great trade show “swag,” especially at events that are geared towards the tech industry. You can add flash and thumb drives to a bigger gift bag, or hand them out individually to each person who comes to your booth.

If you’re interested in ordering bulk USB drives because of any of the reasons above, or for any other reason that will benefit your business, then start by looking through our online catalog today. We have an amazing assortment of products, and we provide free mockups and quick turnaround times on every order.

We look forward to helping you!