Options for International Travelers

People on the go always want to keep their devices charged, and for those who travel internationally, that can often be challenging. When you’re in the car or at work, you can plug into the USB outlet in the dashboard or the wall outlet next to your desk, but what about when you’re in a foreign country? A portable power bank can be a great option if you have employees who travel overseas on a regular basis. At CMI Promotions, we have a fantastic selection of options!

Staying in Contact

Businesspeople who travel abroad need to stay in contact with headquarters back home, and that’s often done through a smartphone or tablet. If they’re checking email and sending texts between meetings with international customers, they can drain their device’s battery fairly quickly. A power bank gives them the juice they need to finish that important email or make that next call to an interested investor.

Charging the Power Bank

dreamstime_xxl_43749672One issue that people can run into when traveling internationally is converting electricity in order to charge their devices. Other countries don’t have the same voltage and amperage as the United States, and if you plug your phone charger directly into the wall, it could cause damage to your device. There are adapters and converters that change the electrical output so you can safely charge your phone or tablet, but a power bank uses USB, meaning there no prongs or plugs to worry about when charging. You can fill the bank in a few hours and take it with you for a full day’s worth of power.

Branding Opportunities

The other great thing about taking a power supply with you is that branding and advertising opportunities can arise. If you have to plug in your phone during a meeting, the customer may see the company logo on the power bank and ask about the device. You can also bring some promotional items with you to give to potential customers, and power banks with your business’ logo are a thoughtful and practical gift. They’re light and compact, and people can take them anywhere!

Traveling Light

Your employees who travel may take multiple trips a week to multiple locations, and that means they need to travel light. A phone or tablet can be a better options than a notebook or laptop computer, and a power bank gives them the ability to charge their device on the go. It can fit neatly into a purse or carry-on bag, and the sleek design will show that they’re serious about their tech.

If you’re interested in promotional items that feature your company name, logo, and more, look through our catalog today. Our large- and small-capacity power bank options can be a great choice for your employees, especially those who travel on a regular basis. They can also give them to potential customers and reinforce your company branding with everyone they meet. Whatever the case may be, they’ll never run out of power!

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