How Does USB Technology Work?

Anyone who’s ever used a computer knows that there are multiple plugs and ports that allow you to connect a number of devices and peripherals to the computer itself. In the past, many of these ports required a specific type of cable or adapter in order to connect a printer, a mouse, or another piece of equipment. Headaches arose when you found that you didn’t have the right cable or port and,…read more

Options for International Travelers

People on the go always want to keep their devices charged, and for those who travel internationally, that can often be challenging. When you’re in the car or at work, you can plug into the USB outlet in the dashboard or the wall outlet next to your desk, but what about when you’re in a foreign country? A portable power bank can be a great option if you have employees who travel…read more

Custom Shirts for Your Sales Staff

As a business owner, you want the “face” of your company to have a positive influence on potential customers. You may have a spokesperson who does commercials for you, or you may have a front office staff that interacts with each person who walks through the door. However, the one department that meets with and communicates with the most people is your sales department. A meeting with one of your salespeople is…read more