Create the Perfect Trade Show Giveaways


As a business owner, you’re always thinking of new ways to attract potential customers. You hold special events at your store or office, and you come up with promotional campaigns that will get people in the door or on the phone. In order for your business to grow, you need to grow your customer base. One way to do that is to attend trade shows and events that involve your industry or particular service. These shows are great places to meet people and tell them about your company or the product you make, and how it can benefit them. You also want to give them something to take home, and while pens and mugs are good options, it can be even better to give them something unique. At CMI Promotions, we’ve helped countless business owners create the perfect custom USB flash drives to hand out at their next trade show.

Picking Your Products

dreamstime_xxl_44626142We have a wide variety of USB drive products to choose from, including metal, wood, and shaped options. Depending on the type of service or product you provide, you can choose the material that will send the strongest message or leave the best impression. Your thumb drives can be customized with your business name, logo, and contact information, and every time the person uses it, they’ll be reminded of the conversation they had with you. If your business involves an experience of some kind, such as tourism or hospitality, a custom-shaped USB drive could be a great option for your next industry show.

Providing a Functional Gift

Pens, mugs, and magnets are functional gifts, but most trade show attendees go home with a plethora of these types of products. They’ll most likely use the pen until it runs out of ink, drink from the mug for a few weeks, and slap the magnet on their break room fridge. They won’t always see the branding on those traditional promotional items, and that’s where the convenience and functionality of a USB drive comes in handy. Countless people use USB technology every day to transfer and store important data. Every time they use their custom USB to transfer a file or store an important document, they’ll see your company branding. If you choose our wearable USB options, they can keep their files secure by wearing their drive on their wrist!

Standing Out at Your Next Show

You’ve most likely poured a majority of your trade show budget into banners, tables, and other items needed for your booth. You’ve had flyers printed and product details blown up onto posterboards or put into a digital display, and you’ve done everything you can think of to stand out among your competition. With custom flash drives, you can give your guests a unique gift that they can’t find at other booths. They’ll recognize that you put a bit more thought into your promotional efforts, and that you want to provide a gift that’s useful and practical.

If you’re searching for the perfect tradeshow giveaways, look through our options today!