Choose the Right Holiday Promotion Item

The holiday season provides businesses with the ideal chance to reach out to customers using branded promotional merchandise. Studies have demonstrated that branded items offer superior investment returns when compared to other marketing strategies. What’s more, there’s an undefined ROI associated with promotional merchandise related to continued use. After all, unlike one-time advertisements, branded items remain valuable for years on end, resulting in long-term marketing power that lets business owners get the…read more

ROI of Promotional Products Show Better Investment than Online Ads

To attract and maintain customers, nearly every American business invests in some type of advertising strategy. Sadly, much of this money is wasted on marketing schemes that just don’t get enough ROI (return on investment). If you’re concerned about getting the most bang for your advertising buck, learn how promotional products outperform other options. Compelling Statistics Numerous studies have shown that tangible promotional items go a long way toward attracting consumer attention.…read more