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May 172013

The Web Key truly does what its name implies. It effectively unlocks the door to instant website traffic. No more typing in incorrect URL’s and no more frustrated end-users trying to access your customer’s site. You can choose to have the USB Web Key programmed to a home page, a contest page, a facebook page, a deep link to a particular product page, or as a link to multimedia, pricing, tech sheets, twitter and/or facebook for future updates. Incorporating tracking and analytic software (this is not an element of the USB Web Key) makes it easy to check traffic and effectiveness. The USB Web Key is particularly appropriate to engage consumers in a very specific and concrete action: whether to participate in a game, a quiz, sweepstake, the USB Web Key will surely bring them to the right place. The USB Web Key can be used to download coupons, before or after answering a questionnaire, to visit your product page on Facebook and become a new friend, or simply fill an online form.

You can distribute them physically on retail premises, by mail, in-pack or on-pack. Inserting USB Web Key in your products’ packaging can help enroll your customers to become advocates of your brand. It is a unique opportunity to invite them to join your community and try to engage them in conversation that takes place on the internet and that are about you. Because in a world where the boundaries between physical and virtual worlds blur, it is strategic for companies to position themselves where their customers are: on the internet. The precise targeting that the USB Web Key allows thanks to its physical distribution is unique in the context of sweepstakes or for data collection.

Giving away USB Web Keys physically during an Expo, a special event or along with a direct marketing is a formidably effective means to attract a wide public on a specific internet page.

Give away USB Web Keys to view or download brochures, catalogs, price-lists… Beyond the cost savings and beyond the permanent << freshness >> of the information available through USB Web Keys, a IT company has distributed USB Web Keys recently on show to encourage visitors to join its Twitter page to become regularly informed about distributors promotions.

Give a USB Web Key to leave a documentation or to pursue the conversation with an presentation or a video tutorial online for complex products as this pharmaceutical company which conducted patients and doctor’s training for its new formula.

Distribution of USB Web Key through a direct mail piece by a pharmaceutical company intended to engage the registred addressees in an on-line questionnaire, with samples ordering form and participation in a swepstake. USB Web Key register record rate of participation for this type of professional mailing.

Inserting USB Web Keys in professional publications ensures a outstanding number of connections and a unique level of campaign memorization. A famous home automation equipment manufacturer supported the launch of its latest control unit by sticking on its advertising page a USB Web Key linked to an online video explaining the usage and benefits of their brand new control unit.

Insert USB Web Keys in the packaging of your products enables to continue the conversation after a purchase is made. A leading athletic shoe company ships its limited edition of a bestselling soccer shoes with a USB Web Key so that its new customers could connect easily to its dedicated website to participate to a poll and get notification for the latest special offers for amateur football fans.

Providing easy to get online assistance for setup and installation of new devices will be much appreciated by your customers and it is a cost saving solution for you by deleting thick and hard to digest printed operation manuals and by reducing significantly the numbers of costly calls to your customer service center.
It also brings to your tutorial all the visual power of the Internet: documents downloads, tutorial videos, community sharing,…. and it generates repeated connections and new opportunities for marketers.


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