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Dec 022012

Promotional materials come in all different shapes and sizes. One that is becoming more and more popular all the time is preloaded usb flash drives. These little plug and play devices are small, inexpensive and easy to use. They are ideal for giveaways at trade shows, or for a direct mailing drop. The kind of information that can be stored on them is extremely flexible and varied too. Customized flash drives could be described as a marketer’s dream, in fact.


Stay in control …

The great thing about sharing data through USB promos is that you have complete control. You can preload the drive in any way you desire, with any kind of content you want. You can have text documents, audio files, video files, PDFs, images, spreadsheets, databases, or PowerPoint presentations – anything you want that will fit on to the drive.

Data loading is completely up to you, and when you have things just right, you simply send the customized flash drive to a duplication and replication company who will then produce as many identical drives as you want for your promotion.

Unless you intend to use a lot of video or audio, the personalized flash drives you use don’t need to have a big data capacity. A modest drive of just a few megabytes capacity could be all you need, and it will help to keep your costs down too.

Protect your data …

One concern may be that people will be able to steal your content and adapt it to their own purposes. That doesn’t have to happen, as it is easy to create non-erasable content. It is also possible to incorporate security and encryption. Being able to set up a drive so that the content can be read and enjoyed, but not copied or erased, should be enough in most situations.

The drives can also have an auto run function, so that say, a video starts playing as soon as it is plugged in. This USB auto launch feature can launch any application that is likely to already be on a computer. It is of course sensible to give some thought to this, to be sure that it will work for everyone.

Personalize your promotional flash drives …

One popular feature that most marketers use for their promotional USB drives is a personalized icon. Usually, the drive icon is called something generic like, “removable drive,” and given an alphabetical letter, such as E or F. When you have your own personalized icon, it can be called whatever you like.

If your company is John Smith Promotions, for example, that’s what the drive icon can be called. If you prefer it, you can even have your own logo as well as descriptive text as the icon. Being able to personalize the drive in this way is a very powerful promotional tool. No one will ever wonder what’s on it, for they will immediately see what it is for themselves.

Features to suit everyone …

It is possible to set things up to have a menu-prompt auto-run feature. The small window that opens automatically can guide you in what to do, with text that might read, “What do you want to do?” You will have the option to click any one of several icons to launch various applications. This makes it very easy for users to navigate around your data.

Each individual USB memory drive can be serialized through the use of hexadecimal values. This gives each drive its own unique code that cannot be tampered with or erased. It is a way of being sure that each of the drives are unique to you.

There are a number of flash drive services, such as CMI Promotions data services, for example, that can easily and inexpensively create a flash drive solution for your next promotional effort. People love the USB drives, and they can be customized with the looks and colors of your company, and custom shaped too, to make them truly unique to you.

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