Secure Digital (SD) Cards

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Secure Digital (SD) Cards


Secure digital cards are portable solid state flash memory cards that are hot-swappable between different devices for instant secure memory storage. They are used by everything from desktops and laptops to professional DSLR digital cameras and video game consoles.

Secure Digital(SD) Cards:

Standard-size SD cards are not often utilized by modern computers and devices because the smaller cards offer plenty of data capability for most purposes.


SD memory cards available to consumers cap out at 32GB, but larger-capacity cards are in the works.

Custom Label:

You can customize your SD card with your own label and logo, and we offer full color printing.

MicroSD and SD cards are related technology and serve the same function – storing data. Obviously, one of the differences between them is size. SD cards are the largest, measuring about 1 by 1½ inches, while MicroSD was created to work with certain mobile phones. There are converters available that allow SD-compatible devices to read the MicroSD cards. Only the large SD card has write protection, which prevents you from losing data by mistakenly writing new data on top of the old data. There is a locking slide switch on the SD card, and when locked, the card becomes read-only.

  • Available capacities:

  • 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
  • Class 4 media for capacities 1GB – 6GB  Class 6 for 8GB – 32GB
  • CE certified
  • Write speed:

  • Class 4 –  4MB/s  Class 6 – 6MB/s
  • No external power required

Customization details

  • Full Color Label
  • Graphic illustration proof available FREE of charge

10-14 day turnaround (RUSH service available)

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