WebKeys USB Drives

Webkey USB Flash Drive

WebKeys are a perfect promotional tool, and the possibilities they provide are seemingly endless. With a WebKey, you can include new product specs, slide presentations, catalogs, and more, and all your customers have to do is plug the custom USB drive into their computer! These custom USB sticks are an inexpensive and unique options for businesses that want to hand something out at their next trade show or industry event, and we can customize your products however you’d like.

Instead of printing a bunch of promotional materials, add your logo, name, and contact information to a WebKey, and include all of your catalog and product information on one USB flash drive!

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WebKeys unlock the door to instant website traffic!

Unlock the door to instant website traffic full of an endless collection of marketing and promotional tools. The WebKey truly does what its name implies. It effectively unlocks the door to instant website traffic. No more typing in incorrect URL’s and no more frustrated end-users trying to access your customer’s site. Using any available USB port, the pre-programmed WebKey automatically guides a person to your website, online catalog, flash presentation or whatever you need to present.

The WebKey is perfect for self-promotions, new product introductions, new Web Site introductions, surveys and market research, promotional incentives, recruiting, contests, flash sales presentations, training and much, much more.

The WebKey has been used very effectively in many industries including the medical, pharmaceutical, aviation, and agriculture!

1. USB Webkey Style
2. Plug and play
3. Automatically open the web page as per settings
4. Under operation system: WIN2000 / 2003 / XP / Mac
5. Capacity: 60kB
8. Same as usb flash drives,
9. With very small memory, cheap price,
10. Put your website or catalogue, your new products, into the webkeys
11. Use as giveaways, no need for printed catalogue
12. Put your logo on the webkeys as advertisement

WebKey Advantages:

1. High-tech appearance
2. Looks just like a flash drive
3. Inexpensive
4. Unique way to drive website traffic
5. Unlimited marketing potential

Most popular uses for WebKeys:

1. Self-promotions
2. Mass mailings
3. New product launches/updates
4. Market research through the use of online surveys/questionnaires
5. Online catalogs
6. Online company stores/incentives
7. University/military recruiting
8. Real estate listings/online classifieds
9. Online contests
10. Online slide presentations or flash presentations
11. Online company training
12. Web Site Promotions