USB Packaging & Accessories

CMI Promotions offers attractive packaging for all your custom USB flash drive projects, and we can provide retail-ready case and box design for maximum visual impact. If you can imagine the packaging, we can manufacture it. Packaging can really make a difference and dramatically increase the impact of your promotional campaign.

Browse through our promotional flash drive packaging and accessories for the design ideas and inspiration that’s right for your next trade show or business event. We know you’ll find options you absolutely love!

EVAFoamCartonBox-Packaging-1 ExecutiveGiftBox-Packaging-1 GiftBoxLarge-Packaging-1 GiftBoxSmall-Packaging-1 KeyChainA-Packaging-1 KeyChainB-Packaging-1 Pouch-Packaging-1 Printed LanyardB-Packaging-1 RetailBoxA-Packaging-1 RetailBoxB-Packaging-1 RoundTinBox-Packaging-1 TinBox-Packaging-1 USBClamShell-Packaging-1 VynlSleeve-Packaging-1

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