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Jan 102013

In a world where every professional is likely working online, working with media or data in some form or another, data storage devices have become more valuable than ever. Almost everyone has had the need to physically transfer data conveniently from place to place or person to person. Now USB Thumb Drives have become a common and essential way for everyone to store, transfer and transport data files, images, movies, video games and work documents conveniently in something that will fit in your shirt pocket. With the advent of custom shaped and custom designed USB Thumb drives, the possibility of using custom USB thumb drives for Marketing and Promotion has become a reality! Now USB Thumb drives can be customized in the shape of a company logo, icon or almost any shape imaginable! What better way to create a lasting impression on people than to give them a custom shaped USB thumb drive with your company logo or favorite shape? A custom shaped USB Thumb Drive is something that is functional in more ways than one! It is a form of advertising that will last the lifetime of the USB Thumb drive and it is something that the recipient will appreciate a valuable tool! Many companies like CMI Promotions and Cypress Media Inc offer countless varieties and options for custom shaped USB Thumb drives. Take advantage of Bulk Pricing for Custom USB Thumb Drives and contact us for a free quote today!

Custom USB Thumb Drives for Marketing and Promotions

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