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May 182017

If you own a business, you’re always looking for new and creative ways to engage and interact with potential customers. No matter where they are in the sales funnel (looking, interested, or ready to buy), you want to be able to provide the information they need to get them to the next step in the […]

May 092017
Offer an Assortment of Custom USB Options

As a business owner, you want to be able to reach as many customers as possible. Whether you offer a product or a service, customer engagement is key to your company’s success. Every person you meet will have different needs, and the reason that brought them to your business will be unique. You want to […]

Jun 032014
The Ultimate Customer Freebie

Every small business owner maintains a strong focus on customer acquisition; however, few invest as much time and money into customer retention. As the old saying goes, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Still, the vast majority of companies tend to overvalue new business, while undervaluing the people they’ve already […]

Feb 222014
5 Things Your Boss Wants To Know about Promotional Products

Promotional products have a long history of boosting client acquisition and retention. That said, recent statistics shed even more light on the many benefits related to these valuable marketing tools. If you want to please the person that signs your paychecks, learn why you should incorporate branded promotional items into your company’s marketing plan.   […]

Jan 132014
Is Your Business Competing in the Offline Space?

Over the past decade, online marketing has become especially important, as more and more people tap the Internet to find the things they want and need. These days, consumers don’t use phone books to locate reputable service providers in their areas. Likewise, they don’t thumb through catalogs looking for products that peak their interest. The […]

Dec 182013
Great Promotional Product Ideas for the New Year

A Promotional Product to Fit Every Budget! When it comes to deciding on what kind of promotional product to select for an advertising promotion, you’ll soon discover that one size does not fit all. Every company has a different budget, and also, budget requirements can vary according to things like the season and your particular […]

Nov 262013
Top Holiday Promotional Gifts for Your Clients

Holiday time, and especially around Thanksgiving or Christmas, is the perfect time to think about presenting gifts to existing clients. When you wonder about what kind of gifts to give, it’s a great opportunity to come up with some kind of promotional items. This allows you to effectively kill two birds with one stone, so […]

Nov 202013
Include Promotional USB Drives in Your 2014 Marketing Budget

Setting a marketing budget for the year ahead takes time and careful planning. You need to determine that the money spent on advertising represents the most effective marketing effort for your company. This means you have to estimate the costs and decide how much to spend on each aspect of your marketing message. One highly […]

Oct 232013
Choose the Right Holiday Promotion Item

The holiday season provides businesses with the ideal chance to reach out to customers using branded promotional merchandise. Studies have demonstrated that branded items offer superior investment returns when compared to other marketing strategies. What’s more, there’s an undefined ROI associated with promotional merchandise related to continued use. After all, unlike one-time advertisements, branded items […]

Oct 142013
ROI of Promotional Products Show Better Investment than Online Ads

To attract and maintain customers, nearly every American business invests in some type of advertising strategy. Sadly, much of this money is wasted on marketing schemes that just don’t get enough ROI (return on investment). If you’re concerned about getting the most bang for your advertising buck, learn how promotional products outperform other options. Compelling […]