Options for Your Next Charity Event

If you own a business, you’re hopefully always looking for ways to give back to your community. You might host fundraisers for certain charities, and your employees may volunteer for local non-profits to help feed the homeless or gather clothes and blankets for those in need. Whatever the case may be, it’s important for businesses to be engaged and show that they’re interested in more than their bottom line. If you’re looking for custom printed apparel that your employees can wear during your next charity event, CMI Promotions is here to help. We can create unique shirts, hats, and more, using the design of your choice!

Ideal for Large Companies

You don’t have to have hundreds of employees to make an impact, but if your company has lots of people who want to volunteer, you might be concerned about making “official” shirts for every participant. With our color and style options, you can let employees pick the ones they like the best, or for simplicity’s sake, provide two or three general choices that make ordering easy. If your business has a signature color that you’re known for in your community, we can use that color of shirt or incorporate it into the design. If you have ideas on how to use your logo or integrate into your fundraiser slogan, we’ll make sure it’s easy to see and easy to read.

dreamstime_xl_19391410Event Organizer

Perhaps your company is in charge of organizing a charity event and you’re going to have volunteers from all across the community coming to help. You want to have something for them to wear during the event, whether it’s a shirt or a hat, and we can help you with your high-volume order. Hopefully you had volunteers fill out a form online or in person that indicated the size of shirt they needed so we can supply you with a number of each size so everyone gets the one they need. The design can be simple – one logo on one color of shirt – or it can be complex – your logo and business name on shirts of various colors – the choice is up to you!

Door Prizes

Many fundraisers and charity events gather proceeds by having attendees sign up for drawings or door prizes. A promotional hat or duffle bag with your logo or company name can make a perfect door prize, and is a great way to reinforce your branding. Every time the winner wears their apparel or uses their bag, they’ll be reminded of your company and your commitment to helping the community.

When you need custom printed apparel for your next charity event, come to CMI for outstanding options. You might be putting together a 5K or hosting a food drive at your headquarters, but whatever the case may be, you can find the optimal products in our store. We’ll turn your order around quickly so that you have your shirts and hats on time, letting you focus on putting on the perfect event!

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